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Consulate News

U.S. Foreign Service: Becoming an American Diplomat

March 5, 2010
Woman stands and speaks to seated group.

Mariana Neisuler gives a talk at the Vladivostok American Corner.

On March 5, Consul Mariana Neisuler from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow gave a talk on the topic “The U.S. Foreign Service: Becoming an American diplomat” at the American Corner in Vladivostok.    Mariana spoke about the requirements that aspiring U.S. diplomats have to meet in the different careers tracks: Management, Consular, Public Affairs, Economic, and Political.  She also discussed the history of women in the U.S. Foreign Service, and gave some statistics on the numbers of people who try to, and who eventually pass the Foreign Service exam.  Throughout her presentation, Mariana used many examples in how she and other colleagues’ cope with the challenges of Foreign Service life.  Following her presentation, members of the audience engaged in a lively discussion.  Over 40 people participated in the event.