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Young Representatives of the G8 Countries Take On Issues of Global Concern

April 17, 2010
Two men stand and refer to a poster on wall.

Young delegates point out a global concern at J8 summit

What do representatives of the U.S.A., Canada, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom have in common? They are members of the G8, or in Nakhodka, the J8, or Junior 8 summit of industrialized nations, organized by English Language Fellow Robyn Shifrin. On April 17, students from 13 schools of Primorsky Krai participated in a day-long summit, sending their “delegates” from these various nations to address some of the most vital concerns in the world today:  Education, Infectious Diseases, Rights of the Child, and the Environment. PAO Sylva Etian opened the plenary session, in which PowerPoint presentations on these four topics in the 8 countries were presented by the students. They later broke out in small groups of 25, and led by representatives of the Consulate, English Language Office, Fulbright Program, and the Rotary Club, discussed how the reporting of their specific topics can be misinterpreted by media. The students ended the day writing press releases outlining their global view of these concerns and possible recommendations.