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Consulate News

Blagoveshchensk ‘Opens Windows’ to the USA

February 25-26, 2010
Two men stand and pose. (Photo by State Dept.)

Vladimir Ostronkov (right), Director of Ametis company, received a U.S. license to distribute a heart-healthy product made from an indigenous fir tree.

During his working visit to Blagoveshchensk on February 25-26, Consul General Armbruster discussed possibilities for cooperation between Russia and the USA in the Amur Region with the local authorities. Despite its remoteness - from the US as well as from Russia’s federal center - the city of Blagoveshchensk offers multiple opportunities:   from cooperation in space and implementation of scientific research to university and cultural exchanges. The region already benefits from existing joint projects, such as US government and Rotary sponsored student and professional exchange programs as well as business partnerships. So it was a pleasure for CG Armbruster to award a certificate to a Blagoveshchensk producer of health products that would, in turn, “open a window to the US” for locally produced organic medical products. The visit, widely covered by local media, gave CG Armbruster and PAO Sylva Etian an opportunity to share information on academic and professional exchanges, further cementing existing ties between the two countries.