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Consulate News

The Strongest Men from the U.S. and Russia Compete to Promote Friendship

August 14, 2011
Two men pose. (Photo by State Dept.)

Travis Ortmayer and Andy Vincent demonstrate their prize.

On August 14, Vladivostok hosted a strong-man competition called, “Pacific Strong: Russia vs. USA.” In this battle of brawn, powerful men from both “super powers” competed for the title by taking part in various challenges. The teams, both comprised of two athletes from their respective countries, demonstrated their super-human abilities to the more than 500 people who came to enjoy the incredible competition. The athletes lifted 200 kg stones, 300 kg logs, cars, and trucks and surprised the audience with their super strength. The American delegation was headed by the President of America’s Strong Men Corporation, Dione Wessels, and included two U.S. champions, Travis Ortmayer and Andy Vincent. The Russian team included Alexander Klyushev and Alexander Lysenko and was headed by the President of the Far Eastern Federation of Body Builders, Mikhail Pogodaev. Russia’s current strongest man and crowd favorite, Mikhail Koklyayev, was the master of ceremonies. He, unfortunately, could not compete due to an injury. The American team won the competition despite arriving in Vladivostok mere hours prior to the start of the event after a grueling flight from New York. Acting Consul General Jason Sheets welcomed the media representatives at the press conference and took part in the opening ceremony.